Santa Shoebox Project

In the early 13th century St. Francis of Assisi said, “for it is in giving that we receive.”

700 years later, people who follow a more simple path, are rediscovering the truth in this. We are discovering that one of the happy by-products of living a Minimalist life is the ability to be able to give more. We have more to give simply because we spend less on the unnecessary accumulation of unnecessary material goods. And through simplifying our stuff and our wardrobes, our finances and our schedules, we have some space to consider our priorities – our family, friends, our community, and our planet. And although the act of giving is one of generosity, the good does often comes back to the giver.

As the year rolls on, it is already time for the annual and ever growing initiative – the Santa Shoebox Project – where each Christmas thousands of kiddies receive a Christmas prezzi – from a stranger.

Each year our family gives 2 boxes – one from each of my girls. And where we used to go to the shops, choose the items, wrap them up, and drop them off at the drop-off venue, this year I have bought 2 virtual boxes. Which is not as festive, or personal, but I would rather it gets done in a busy year and a busy season. I will still share the lesson of giving and sharing with my girls.

Even though this is a very small drop in the pond of giving, it really is one of my favourite ways to give back. Christmas is for me still a magical time of year. With young children in the house, we feel more keenly how lucky we are. It is a brief opportunity to pause and to consider with gratitude all we have in our lives.

So for those moved to get involved – do so. It really is one of my favourite acts of the year.