Simple Beautiful Calm for you

We are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of the world.

So when I created a simple beautiful life, it was with a view to share some local natural beauty as a way to uplift someone’e momentary experience. It was with the intention of making you feel better, if only for a moment.

A simple beautiful life is about improving our quality of life, about making things a little better.

Part of my simple beautiful philosophy is about a simple lifestyle including nature. I preach the value of heading outdoors every day. In my experience getting into nature of some kind helps to reclaim a sense of calm, and reset our equilibriums. Most days I do so, and take a few pics.

Besides getting outdoors and being surrounded and uplifted by natural beauty, I also believe in the simple self-care of taking some intentional deep breaths when the world gets too much.

So this post includes a nod to both nature, and to mindful breathing.

Images of Nature set to Music

Sitting in silence can help us to get back to the present moment, and it can centre us to make us feel calmer. I put this together for you to watch so you can sit in stillness for a moment. It is a collection of my images set to some music, so I hope you enjoy it.

Anxiety and Breathing

Recently I have discovered that I experience anxiety on some levels (which is not all that surprising considering the pandemic). To help quell anxiety and to help ground myself, I regularly turn to and recommend breathing exercises, as well as meditation.

So here is a short video I shot about a simple breathing exercise to help ease anxiety and regain calm.

I hope you enjoy both vids and hope that they add a moment of ease and light to your day.

You can see a collection of various videos on my YouTube channel.

Here’s to peace and calm and feeling better.

Thanks for reading.