Simple beautiful things that add a sparkle to my day

Waking up naturally after having slept well

The peaceful sleeping faces of my children

Slow weekend mornings not rushing to school and work

The varied colours and moods of the sea – different every day

The mountains – which always remind me of perspective

Watching the sun go down behind the sea on our evening stroll

Seeing the stars come out as I read the girls stories before bed

That was the list I came up with without thinking. It’s very much a description of a typical day, in winter. It’s also entirely nature-oriented. Seeing as we are in the business of creating a simple and beautiful life – it’s a good thing that it’s a list of simple natural beautiful things that add sparkle.  Although now considering beauty – I could add:

a splash of colour in a neutral room

straight lines and exact proportions

my dining room table

my old jongmans kas (wooden cupboard) bedecked and adorned with gifted pink proteas

the lamp in the corner of the room

empty surfaces


And although not beautiful – no list of good things would be complete without my old fluffy white gown. Most- loved item of clothing I own.