simple me & you wisdom

I received my monthly Breathwork newsletter yesterday which contained 2 simple pieces of wisdom which caught my attention. Here they are:

Do something for Yourself

Switch things up. If you’re in the habit of doing something you know is healthy but isn’t exactly what you need right now, take a break. Tune in to listen to what you need, and don’t be afraid to make changes to your routine. We need different things at different times.

Do something for Someone Else

Recognise that what bothers you in others is an opportunity to look at yourself. It’s not really about them. It’s about you. Take responsibility for your reactions and set both of you free.

Here’s a link to his Body Breathwork website.

Regarding Do something for Yourself – I have not been practising yoga all year. Although I love yoga and believe in yoga and aspire to be a yoga-doer, this year it has just not been a theme in my life. I am sure I will return to it again, but for now I have allowed myself to let it go gently rather than forcing myself to practise.

Recently I have been writing, meditating and running – all for me. These things have been where my attention has naturally gone. So I have allowed myself to do them.

Regarding Do something for Someone Else – it’s the same message sent to us on repeat. But how many times do we have to hear it before it lands, before we act on the message?

As my husband said to me the other day – “marriage is not easy”. And I agree. But could it be made a little easier by seeing the opportunity for self-knowledge and self empowerment by taking responsibility for ones reactions? I’m willing to keep give it a try.