Some Simple Life Advice for 2021

January – it is the early stages of a new year.

A tempting time to compile lists of achievements to aim for. And possibly to set oneself up to fail.

Life as we comfortably knew it is on its head, so I say we have enough flux and change and uncertainty to deal with.

So this year I decided to simplify further, even my To Do lists.

I will not be writing monthly challenge emails, as I did every month in 2020, as I will not be challenging myself monthly this year. For those interested, I wrote a post which discussed what I learnt from these challenges.

This year my focus will be on my essentials, divided into the same 4 categories I used for my monthly challenges last year:

  • Health (water, exercise, nutrition)
  • Wealth (learning and creating meaningful work)
  • Self (meditation, journaling, fun)
  • Social (connecting with friends and family)

An example of these 4 categories in use can be seen here in a post about October 2020 challenges.

And everything within these 4 will be guided by the life advice or personal philosophy I have garnered along the way:

  1. Get outdoors (Health, Wealth, Self, Social)
  2. Breathe (Health, Self, Wealth)
  3. Keep It Simple (Health, Wealth, Self, Social)

As such here follows some simple life advice for living a good, simple life:

Get outdoors

Every day!
I will continue to preach this, forever.
Take deep breaths, move your body, change your perspective. And let the naturally good vibes roll in!

  • Close the laptop.
  • Put the phone down.
  • Feel the breeze and the temperature of the sun.
  • Take a few deep breaths.
  • And let a sense of healthy perspective return.


  • to start the day, with meditation
  • when things are feeling too much, too busy, too fragmented
  • every 45 mins or so from the screen
  • at the end of the day, to wind down.

Breathe. It is our life force. Prana. Chi. Energy.

Learn to meditate.
There are so many resources out there to support you.
I use the Calm app.
I hear Waking Up is great too, but living an intentionally simple life, I will use only 1 meditation app at a time (no affiliate links, just advice).

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated.
Just a pause to be still, breathe, and slow down.

Keep It All Simple

Keep it ALL simple.
Keep that word – simple – in your mind whatever you do.

It is possible to simplify so many things to make your days and life easier, and therefore more pleasurable.

Whether you are:

  • Preparing food
    • how about eating a range of colours, and considering raw is better.
  • Writing
    • try keeping sentences short and using simple words.
  • Exercising
    • get outdoors and walk, or run, swim. No complicated gear required.
  • Making plans
    • give yourself space between activities
  • Doing work
    • have a simple schedule if you like planning,
    • or set a timer to work in shorter productive bursts,
    • prioritise one thing.
  • Doing the laundry
    • separate lights and darks,
    • buy non-iron clothes,
    • only wash 3x a week – depending on your circumstances.
  • And on… these are just some examples of what I try to do, but adapt them to your situation and needs.

Whatever you do, decide to do it in a simple way that suits you.

Because why complicate and clutter life when you could clear and create breathing space?

  • Keep it ALL simple.
  • Do a little less.
  • Own a little less.
  • Eat a little less junk.
  • Try on a simple wardrobe.
  • Try to accomplish a little less, some days.
  • Live a little more!

What will you try out?

So in simple summery summary:

Remember to live.

To pause.

To breathe.

To get outdoors.

To get into nature.

To do one thing at a time.

And to keep it ALL simple!

And if you like beach pics and quotes and simple living, please visit my instagram page at asimplebeautifullifesa.

Thanks for reading.