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sunrise. a fresh start

It Started With A Song, At Sunrise

As with many of the best things in life, it all started with a song, at sunrise.

In 2015 I attended a “Secret Sunrise” gathering, to listen to music and dance for an hour as the sun came up. As the dancing ended, the DJ played the last track, which was Why Your Life Is Not A Journey by Alan Watts & David Lindberg. And the sun rose.

I was standing in a meadow with the first rays of sun reaching over the top of the surrounding mountains as I listened to the words of Alan Watts. Words urging me to live a life of richness.

It was one of those rare and magical moments that happen every so often in life.

A beautiful and life-changing pause.  I decided in that meadow to start living more simply. Alan Watts’ words gave me the nudge I had needed to put into action the theory about Minimalism that I had been reading for years.

dawn patrol surfer on the beach
sunrise. a fresh start

I decided to start to create a simple and beautiful life for myself and for my family, and it started with a song, at sunrise. I think that’s rather a beautiful thing. 

I want to create:

  • breathing space by decluttering material stuff
  • headspace by simplifying the days as they fly by
  • a more financially frugal way of life
  • respect for our bodies by eating tasty, nutritious food, and
  • an openness to other changes that may happen as the journey evolves.

If in writing down our progress others are inspired to turn towards simplicity, that will add immensely to the journey. I choose and write about simplicity in all areas of life.

Simple Evolution

A simple beautiful life journey continues to evolve.

As it seems to be an ever-evolving entity, matching my personal life experiences and evolution, my writing here has expanded to include business skills, self-focus and stories – both knowing our own, and listening to those of others.

My decision to embrace simplicity has been the catalyst to transforming my life.

I started by decluttering material things. Once I had experienced the lightness of less, I turned my focus to other areas of my life that needed some clearing out. I simplified:

  • my digital life,
  • financial,
  • emotional, and
  • spiritual.

The more I have travelled down the road of simplicity, the clearer decisions and habits have become.

Quality of life is the main point of a simple beautiful life. As such, I have become interested in –

  • the power of our self-awareness,
  • challenges to refresh our habits, and
  • the stories we own

– in creating the quality of the lives we live.

I started this journey simply; my journey of transformation started with a song. Yours can start simply too.

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