I live in a beautiful natural part of the world and my business is called A Simple Beautiful Life as it focuses on living with simplicity, working from home with digital skills, and natural beauty in all shapes and forms.

Yet when I began to pen blogs, I so wanted to create a beautiful blog feed that I uses Unsplash for all my images. None of my own snaps of our gorgeous surrounds.

Until my husband persuaded me to start taking pics of my own. (In a previous life I worked as a wedding photographer and have always enjoyed photography). So with a little step out of my self confidence comfort zone, this is what I did.

As most of my writing centres around simplicity, minimalism at home, and digital business at work, I thought a post filled with natural beauty might be a worthwhile addition.

If you enjoy quotes about living well and simply, and also about personal development through business learning – please do have a look at my Simple Beautiful Life Instagram page. It is a collection of my disparate takes on living a good life.

Thanks for reading. May the images transport you to a momentary space of peace, pause and wellbeing.