Beth Lowe

Beth is a friend of mine who used to be my neighbour. She is the most prolific painter I have known and can be seen painting at various places around…

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Sea & Shore

Angela is a friend of mine who used to work as a graphic and craft designer. She is also a mother and started this business from home to help channel…

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Joanne Milne

Jo is a friend of mine who used to be a physiotherapist, became a mum and then an artist. She creates the most exquisitely detailed and colourful work of local…

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Never too old

My dearest friend Tess sent this to me as we had had a conversation about who we are and who supported us and our upbringing and our choices and our…

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Art and beauty

I am drawn to beautiful things and sights, like a moth to a flame. I studied art right through school, and loved it. I studied a little more art history…

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