Creating a digital business

  • Post published:4th July 2020

When Covid-19 shut down the world, we lost a business, at least temporarily. Which gave me 3 things: Time - to consider my options, and how to create our future.Inspiration - I had nothing to lose by learning new skills and using my extra time.Desperation -…

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Beth Lowe

  • Post published:19th March 2020

Beth is a friend of mine who used to be my neighbour. She is the most prolific painter I have known and can be seen painting at various places around the village mornings, afternoons, evenings, in all seasons and weather, and especially when the sky is…

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Sea & Shore

  • Post published:12th March 2020

Angela is a friend of mine who used to work as a graphic and craft designer. She is also a mother and started this business from home to help channel her abundant creative flow. Ang is the creative force behind Sea & Shore. Suzanne is the…

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Joanne Milne

  • Post published:5th March 2020

Jo is a friend of mine who used to be a physiotherapist, became a mum and then an artist. She creates the most exquisitely detailed and colourful work of local fauna and flora, seascapes and more. She paints with acrylic on canvas. She also produces finely…

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1 month 2 birthdays

  • Post published:31st October 2019

I always thought my love language was gifts but recently having done the Love Language test it seems I am instead a physical touch person. Never the less I do love gifts - so when my husband and my daughter celebrate a birthday in the same…

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