Juggling work and family

I've often wondered if there is an optimal way of juggling work and family. I have come to think there is. And that is through simplicity. As all our situations…

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Align your Work to Your Life, not vice versa

Choose a belief system to underpin your decisions, and live your life creating great work. A few years ago I discovered Minimalism, and it spoke to me. Slowly, bit by…

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August 2020 Challenges

With regards to my July challenges: HealthSun salutations - health YESA glass of water morning and evening at least - health YESRun only ONCE a week - health HMMSelfMeditation -…

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Creating a digital business

When Covid-19 shut down the world, we lost a business, at least temporarily. Which gave me 3 things: Time - to consider my options, and how to create our future.Inspiration…

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