3 Challenges for 66 days

Do you function well with a general framework, a structure within which to operate? Or do you fare better when there is less planning and more organic flow? I am…

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November 2020 Challenges

It is November in the chaotic year of 2020. Here it is also late Spring/ early Summer - so it is a season of light, growth, and fresh beginnings, with…

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June 2020 Challenges

With regards to my May challenges - May was a good month: Healthsun salutations - Yglass of water morning and evening at least - Yrun 3 x a week -…

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about New Year resolutions

This is a well-written and worthwhile read about setting and keeping new year resolutions by facilitating habit change. Have a read. Written by Emily McDermott at Simple by Emmy, it is…

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