How To Live an Aligned Life

  • Post published:25th November 2021

Would you like to live an aligned life? Recently I came across the concept of an aligned life. An aligned life is "a state of being where our intentions and our actions are in full agreement."aligned life When our actions support our intentions we are able…

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What Really Gets us to Act?

  • Post published:3rd September 2021

Spring is here in the Southern hemisphere, which means we are the start of the season traditionally associated with fresh starts and bright new intentions. As such a brief post about habits is fairly well-suited to this time of year. I believe in Changing our Habits…

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3 Challenges for 66 days

  • Post published:16th March 2021

Do you function well with a general framework, a structure within which to operate? Or do you fare better when there is less planning and more organic flow? I am a structure person. And I know this because I recently challenged myself to let go of…

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November 2020 Challenges

  • Post published:1st November 2020

It is November in the chaotic year of 2020. Here it is also late Spring/ early Summer - so it is a season of light, growth, and fresh beginnings, with much time spent outdoors. This month I would like to set 2 overarching intentions. To focus…

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June 2020 Challenges

  • Post published:6th June 2020

With regards to my May challenges - May was a good month: Healthsun salutations - Yglass of water morning and evening at least - Yrun 3 x a week - NSelfmeditation - YFrench - YWealthonline business course - YSocialkeep practising Letting It Go - Y Other…

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about New Year resolutions

  • Post published:22nd January 2020

This is a well-written and worthwhile read about setting and keeping new year resolutions by facilitating habit change. Have a read. Written by Emily McDermott at Simple by Emmy, it is titled "5 Ways Minimalism Affects Our New Years Resolutions"

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