Take a moment to look at these pictures

An email landed in my inbox today with the most dreamy images taken by nature photographer Dawn LaPointe.

Take a moment to have a look at these beautiful photographs of wild places – to have a break from the devastating corona virus news.

They allow one to draw a breath amidst the world chaos. I can’t wait to get back out into simple beautiful wild places myself.

I have been trying to write about this forced covid-19 pause in life – but I am struggling coming to terms with what it really means: a huge life change for my family and for so many around the world. An eminent future of real challenges to be felt almost everywhere.

For me I have always believed in the power of visual art – painting, a photograph, to transport the viewer and to transcend the here and now, lift us up to a moment of joy – provide a moment of light and beauty in our day.

For me these images do just that. The sense of peace the images exude is palpable.

Have a look here.