The 5 elements

Wind, water, earth, fire, metal.

I had a reflexology session last week and the elements came up. And now they are coming up in my sleep. Feng shui as well. A friend mentioned it. And now I am seeing Feng shui everywhere. It has interested me for a while in fact. But now it is in my consciousness.

So I looked up the basics and it seems pretty complicated. As I am all about creating a simple and beautiful life I wonder how that can be done. Perhaps in depth knowledge first and then simplification of practical application of the knowledge.

I am also meditating every day at present. Today’s centering thought is “I create my personal reality and transform outer reality”. So it is about manifestation.

I am manifesting a simple beautiful life.

Synchronicity is at work too and it is a magical, wonderful thing when these little occurrences happen throughout the day.

Somehow this is wrapped up together; the manifesting, the connections, the elements, the chosen simplicity, the simple healthy Mediterranean diet. It’s like a global melting pot of ideas and practices – both oriental and occidental – in my mind.

And then I came across the mentors who offer a course centered on digital skills. What the course comes with however is a lot of learning about mindset, and a community that is knowledgeable and supportive.

I wasn’t actively looking for this, but now that I am on the path, I am learning so much, my creativity is awakened, and I feel that I have started something good, even though I am not sure where it will end up.

Synchronicity continues. Perhaps I will end up working with Feng Shui?

I will leave some videos here which offer the free training I did when I got started for anyone who is interested. They are great to watch and should answer some of your questions.