The Golden Rule

I recently listened to a TED Talk by Karen Armstrong Let’s revive the Golden Rule.

But what is the Golden Rule?

It is the principle of treating others as you want to be treated.

It is compassion.

It is found in all the world religions.

It is the source of all morality – the act of empathy – putting yourself in the place of another.

Our challenge: To treat everyone globally as if they were as important as ourselves.

Karen Armstrong

Quality of Life

I ponder and write about quality of life.

I believe we are co-creators of our lives and so to a certain extent, we can choose to create a life of quality – whatever that means for each of us.

The more I learn and write and grow, the more I realise that I want to help people, you, improve your quality of your life.

How to improve our quality of life?

Our lives are made up of what we do every day.

So I believe we need to focus on how we spend our days.

I have learned that some form of a plan to follow as guidance directs how we spend our time.

I also believe in keeping things simple.

So I have developed a simple daily checklist made up of things that matter to me, or things that are good for me. I follow this gently and with flexibility – and use it as a guide directing how to spend my hours, even minutes.

I have spoken before about the 4 quadrants – Health, Wealth, Self and Social. The aim is to spread how we spend our lives evenly between these 4.

Along with this checklist -which is really about developing positive habits in all areas of our lives – there are a host of less tangible essentials.

I believe that 2 of the essentials are self-care towards ourselves and behaving decently towards others. I also believe that including these in our ongoing decision-making adds to the creation of a life of quality.

Living for something greater than ourselves

So it was with interest that I came across Karen Armstrong and her Charter for Compassion.

Our mission is to promote and 
cultivate the principle of compassion 
and the Compassionate Way of Life, 
as articulated by the 
Charter for Compassion, 
so that compassion characterizes 
all human society 
and all relationships.

Charter for Compassion

Although I believe that considering ourselves as well as others is part of a life of quality, it is said by people in many different fields, that living for something greater than ourselves leads to a truly fulfilling life.

Living a fulfilling life is certainly part of a life of quality.

Call To Action

Every blog is supposed to end with a call to action. A call to ask the reader to do something next.

In my case, it usually involves directing my reader to a wonderful opportunity to join a community of online educators who put a lot of weight on personal development. I add it here as it was and continues to form part of my journey to living a life of quality.

The specific call to action in this post however is to consider the Golden Rule in our dealings with others. Let’s treat others as we want to be treated. Let’s be kind and treat people with care.

Shall we?

Thanks for reading.