The Life Changing Magic of Joshua Becker – Uncluttered course

I am entering my last week of the amazing life-changing Uncluttered course hosted by Joshua Becker. Without wishing to sound trite or gushing (as my mother would say) – it really has been life-changing. Below is something I just posted on the Uncluttered course Facebook group:

“I came across this on Joshua’s Pinterest page. Made me realise how life changing this course really has been. Unplanned – since it started I have:

  • started running
  • taken steps to stop biting my nails
  • started meditating again
  • cleaned out the house
  • started a budget – well started wring down everything I spend & on what!
  • and am working on clearing out some old stale ideas linked to my career – my skills, capability & confidence.

I am so grateful I signed up for this course. Thank you Joshua & everyone on this FB group for all your encouragement.”

I speak the truth! When I look at that list – I see a lot of change. Or at least a lot of beginnings of change. In this time I have also started some self-care. I have been to see a healer who has shown me some real realisations about my life, and me. This is a big step as a working mother of 2 young girls. I just didn’t give myself the same level of care I extended to my family, and friends. Yet I am the role model for my girls who watch everything I do, and don’t do.

With my priorities becoming clearer every day – my family first – I have a really sound reason to make these changes. I change to become the best version of myself, for myself, and therefore for them. Simple really. I have had so many small breakthroughs and profound realisations during the period of this course that I am filled with hope that I am not too old or too tired or too encumbered to improve my life going forward.

This is what I wrote in a blog post when I had just started the course: “I need more nature time, more mountains, to see old friends, to spend time with some new friends, to visit family near and far, to create my own business using some of the skills I have learnt over a lifetime of various careers. And to be present with my young and quickly growing children.”  I would do well to remember my original aims, and to revisit them as I progress.

I haven’t written this blog during all the changes, which perhaps I should have, for commercial reasons. But it was a private and personal journey, this first real stride into a new and improved Minimalist life. As it continues I shall record and share more. But for now let me just leave off here saying with the absolute certainty – in my experience – that working towards a Minimalist life is a very good idea. I am more committed to the journey ahead than ever. I am positive. I am more content and excited about life than I have been in a while. Lead on!