The Mediterranean diet and its benefits for the gut biome

MBG Health recently posted an article about How the Mediterranean Diet Foods Protect The Gut Microbiome. Another plus for the Mediterranean diet.

This was yet another study the results of which were found to support previous studies which showed that the foods eaten on a Mediterranean diet can protect good gut health. It further showed that a diet comprising relatively less high quality animal-derived and more high quality plant-derived is good for gut health.

This is the style of eating with which I am currently aligned. Less, high quality meat and more fresh and high quality veg.

I made a tagliatelle pasta the other night complete with (shop-bought) pesto and sun-dried tomatoes and rocket, pan-fried mushrooms and pepperdews. All covered with some extra virgin olive oil and Kalahari salt and cracked black pepper. Easy, fast, local, fairly budget friendly and all eaten!