The Non-Money Wealth of Running your own Business

A year or so ago – I made a good life decision: I took personal responsibility for my life and decided to invest in myself.

I started a business based on my interests, and around my values; so it is a very personal endeavour.

Partly as a result of this, the personal growth I have experienced was unexpected and extraordinary.

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From Frustrated to Inspired, Empowered, and Hopeful

I have spoken before about life divided into 4 quadrants of Health, Self, Wealth and Social.

This post is about the less tangible wealth to be gained from running your own business. It focuses on the Health, Self and Social areas of my ilfe.

Not that long ago I was living in a fog. I was lacking direction and personal fulfilment (apart from raising my gorgeous girls), and yearning for something more. I desired something independent. I wanted to create something of my own. I wanted to create a moment of light, somehow, to support others. That was all I knew.

Then I came across the incredible SFM online education community. I have written a lot about my journey so far in various blog posts.

You can access their FREE training here if you are interested in finding out more about creating your own interest and value-based online business.

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Personal Transformation

Personal transformation is an inner journey, and this is where the real, lasting wealth lies. What I am learning and applying to myself – will not fade. It is part of me. It is where my expansion occurs. This value is gold.

Signing up to join the SFM community has been the single most important choice regarding my personal growth journey. Although I have not yet met my wealth goals, it has necessitated a focus on myself, it has improved my health choices, and it has shifted my social norms and relationships positively too.

Not so long ago I remember being fearful of starting a journey of transformation – because I feared that I might change, that it would upset my status quo, and that I would transform!? I was scared to let go of the increasingly small, safe world I knew.


But one day I decided to take my first step on my own journey of transformation. I have never looked back.

I am living a different life from the one I was surviving before I stepped onto this path.

Now – I feel hopeful for my future. I feel inspired most days. I have ideas and thoughts and want to share some of my insights with others. I feel proud that I accreting something of my own. I love having my independent interests. I know that my daughters are watching. In fact, they comment how I have changed and that I love my work.

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My Self Transformation

Thanks to the initial investment in myself to learn digital skills and start a business, I have started to invest in my inner game too.


The most notable habit is my regular meditation practice. This has had the biggest effect on the flow of my days. It has also helped to reduce any anxiety that comes up. I am finding the more I sit in silence, the more sensitive I become. I am feeling more attuned to my needs and feelings.


I journal every day, which is sometimes a to-do list, sometimes a rant, and sometimes an exercise in gratitude. I let whatever needs to come out, come out, depends on my mood, recent experiences, and state of mind.

Comfort zone

I have become more courageous because I have started stepping out of my comfort zone more. My first experience of this was taking part in the SFM’s 90-day video challenge and shooting 90 days of myself on video, and then sharing the vids in a Facebook group. Talk about vulnerability.


I am learning to be more transparent and human and authentic and real – which is so important online. It also requires bravery, because authenticty and vulnerability are closely linked. I am feeling like I can be me again.


My self-knowledge has grown and continues to expand. Another challenge I look in was the Best Life Challenge – 21 steps to living my best life – which involved looking at my personal challenges and desires. Self-knowledge is fundamental to creating a life we love.


Feeling inspired again and reconnecting with myself, and my interests, and reacquainting myself with my identity has been empowering and is far-reaching in its positive effects.

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My Health Transformation

Once I started to invest in myself it was like a stone thrown into a pond. The effects rippled outwards and I began to notice other areas of my life that needed some investment.

I started to prioritise my physical health in small doable ways, and watched my physical self-care grow.


Most days after school drop-off I take the dogs for a quick beach walk. Besides the fresh air and exercise, I am finding it a great way to get me into work, as I mentally organise what I need to get done that day.


I started running a few years ago and lately needed to take a break for various reasons. I listened to my body and allowed myself to take a running pause guilt-free. I will be back soon.


Through a friend, I joined a home CrossFit-type workout a couple of times a week. I loved it and have got stronger and learnt a lot about my body from my knowledgeable friend and trainer.

I put a strain on my back and developed sciatica, so I had to adapt the workouts. This was a lesson in humility and looking after my individual needs. It was an uncomfortable lesson for me to be different and stand out. So I gained more valuable self-knowledge.

I also learned about muscles I need to strengthen and my hip alignment and my lack of pelvic floor strength (anyone with kids know what I mean)!?


That came to an end and I trialled Bodytec Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training. An electrical current is passed through your muscles for maximum strength training in minimum time and so there is way less impact but potentially as much work. Also, it seemed to relieve my back pain for a while. I will be trying this out more long term.


I have also started seeing a bodywork practitioner who has really helped my alignment and associated back pain.


Next I will be visiting a biokineticist to target where I need support. Although reading through this it seems like a lot of input, this is the first time I have investigated my body, and it is about time too.


Lastly I am about to start pilates – because I started to focus on myself, I am now looking after my health a lot better that I have been.

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My Social Transformation


I am a mother and want to be a great role model for my girls. I am leading by example – creating work I love, persevering through my struggles, overcoming my personal blocks, and asking for help when I need it (which is fairly often at times!).

I know how much my children are watching me, and modelling their lives to some extent on mine.

I believe very much in spending time with my children and being a part of their young lives. I don’t want to regret being an absent mother one day.

The more I learn, the more I can teach my daughters – not only about digital skills but about perseverance and overcoming challenges, about being brave, trying, and facing personal blocks.

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I think my relationships with my husband and children have improved.

I am an inspired and more excited person who eagerly passes the lessons she is learning on as parenting wisdom!

I am a mom who now meditates regularly, and journals and visualises, which are all self-love actions, which give a busy mom some breathing space. Which results in a calmer parent who has more capacity to love.

As I rekindle my identity and personal interests, I am feeling better about myself, and taking better care of myself. Which I’m betting means I am a nicer partner to be sharing a space with (although my husband just read this over my shoulder and laughed! ha ha).

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our beach wedding


I run a local business with global reach from my kitchen. I appreciate being in touch with a global community and making connections with people in different countries, with different cultures, of different ages, and with different motivations and ideas.

I have met a host of great people and have made some new friends with similar values to mine.

I am learning that it is okay to choose who to spend time with. I prefer the company of positive people who are making changes in their lives. I prefer uplifting conversation and authentic connection.

I am also learning to hold work and family and valued friendships. A work in progress, but I feel a worthy aspiration.

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sundowners with friends

What Next?

In my experience, there is real and lasting wealth to be gained from learning new skills and starting a business online. It demands a certain amount of growth and perseverance and commitment and provides so much opportunity for living a life you love.

Who knew that investment in oneself is the real-life game-changer!?

I would advise anyone who is feeling they want more, who wants flexibility and meaning in work to watch the videos here. This is where I started on this incredible ongoing journey of holistic wealth.

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