The Sky

What a pic. I worked as a wedding photographer for a few years once. So I can take a photo. But I always had a suspicion that I lacked the x-factor necessary to work as a pro photographer. Which led me over some time to the belief that perhaps I am a better curator of beautiful images, than a creator of them. Some people really can take a pic. And a beautiful image contains some sort of magic. Just look at the image below.

If ever I had a ‘purpose’ or a life goal – I think it would have been to uplift someone even for a second, through light, or beauty. I’m a big believer in beauty. And I don’t only mean the dewy youthful visual kind. There is beauty all around us every direction we look, or listen. If we only slow down to take it in.

One of my 2018 goals is to slow down some. I am starting to see that life is a vast collection of moments. And I tend to do things fast. So life can become a blur. I spend a lot of time with young children who move at a slower pace. They take so much in that they can’t rush.  Yet I am so often rushing my poor girls through the day.

Life is so rich at a slower pace.

It’s a Friday night as I write and I can hear rain. A truly blessed sound as we are in the heart of a drought. Tomorrow is weekend. No alarm. No urgent email checks. So here is my little challenge: this weekend I will spend some time being slow. At least 2 slow hours on Sat and 2 slow hours on Sunday. I will spend some time being led by my children. I will let them choose what we do and go at their pace.

A post titled “the sky” started out about photography, moved on to my  ideals about uplifting the general populace through beauty, and ended up about being slow. My journey into Minimalism, if winding, does seem to be clarifying some of my life themes and perhaps even the end goal: A slower, simpler life cherishing the beauty that surrounds us leading a richer life.