The transformational magic of self-investment

I had no idea how my decision to invest in myself would be so transformational.

So I shot a brief video and uploaded it to my Youtube channel. You can watch it here.

I may have started late with these two: self-care and self-investment, but now that I have started to focus on myself and invest in myself, my life trajectory has changed angle, and is heading skywards!

river mouth sunset on the beach


I shoot a few videos while walking on the beach.

This is mainly because it is here that I get a moment alone and can tack together a few of the disparate thoughts that go around in my head.

As I shot yet another one, I realised that I frequently show only the calm, natural, solo moments. I realised that it could seem as though my life is a peaceful study in mutted sunset colours!

To the casual observer, my videos show my life to be fairly uni-dimensional. It could seem that my life is only blissful, and that I spend much of it watching the waves, strolling over the sand, or walking in the mountains.

Part of my life IS just that. But it hasn’t always been so intentional.

I have worked to create it this way.

A few years ago I made a decision to live simply. Ever since, I have actively worked towards that ideal.

And it has taken quiet, ongoing work to get here.

sunset on the beach


For me the real personal lifestyle transformation started with the decision to invest in myself.

By the time I joined the Mentors community, I had spent a fair amount of my life leading up to it feeling confused and lost. I felt I was lacking a personal or professional trajectory. When I was asked to list my interests and couldn’t, I realised that I had pretty much lost my identity!

I was diluted and frustrated and foggy.

When I came across the Mentors online community of digital educators and signed up, I was surprised to find that the training began with self-focus!

So I dived in and started to reacquaint myself, with myself!

I began making small habit changes; things like:

  • drinking water
  • meditating
  • journaling
  • starting small acts of self-care…

I continue to build on these habits and I watch with interest as my life expands.

sunset colours on the beach

Transformational Magic

Although my life is a work in prgress, my decision to invest in myself and spend some time and energy and resources on mysel, has been a big catalytic force in my personal evolution.

I have learnt and continue to learn new real life skills. I have set up a company around my family and other work. I am feeling as if I am getting to know myself better every day that passes. I am more me, even perhaps than I was as a younger and wider version. I feel stronger and more inspired than I have in a long time.

It is a good place to be.

sunset reflections on the beach

Interested In Creating Your Own Business

If you are interested to learn more about business, start by watching the free training videos here. These are the very same ones I watched to get started.

That was after quite a bit of to and fro-ing about the whole idea of learning about the online world of work.

I found this online business education company that had been teaching and supporting people to start and build successful online businesses for over a decade.

I discovered a bright new world of support – accountability groups, mentors, great digital education, and lots of inhouse tools and clear instructions to facilitate building a business.

Besides learning real digital skills – 

  • The personal growth I am experiencing is profound. 
  • I love getting reacquainted with myself I am again.
  • I love the feeling of growth and expansion.
  • I love all the learning (although it can be overwhelming at times) 
  • I love being part of a vibrant and supportive entrepreneurial community. 
  • I am getting back on track to me after I lost my identity for a while. 

The impact of this has given me so much good in my life. 

Although it took me a while to get started, it was such a good decision for me – to start studying from home and learn real skills I can use to start a business – even though I didn’t know I wanted to start a business, when I started?!.

I would encourage anyone to spend a part of some evenings watching the free videos. They might just be the catalyst that sets you off on a life-changing journey of your own.

Here they are: Your Free Training.

Or sign up here and I will send you the free videos so you can start learning about all the possible opportunities asap!

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Thanks for reading.