This Is My Journey, What Is Yours?

You never know when you are making a life-changing decision.

In early 2020 I came across a FREE workshop series, and soon felt cautiously inspired to sign up and join the global community of educators and entrepreneurs.

I immediately started to learn about digital business opportunities that I didn’t know existed – Affiliate marketing, eCommerce. This knowledge piqued my interest and gave me a tangible plan for my future and a real sense of hope again.

Looking after 2 beautiful daughters is my priority and the most important thing I have done, but I had increasingly been craving a sense of independence, of identity. I wanted to have something that I had created, around my interests.

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The Covid Kick

Like many others, we lost income covid swept around the world. Our business in the events industry was shut and so I decided to take action.

I had never enjoyed the business much anyway, but we had fallen into it when we decided to move back home and had invested both money and time – years of hard work – to build it up.

I wrote more about the opportunities that the forced Covid pause gave me at the time, here.

I explained how this forced change and the necessary creativity gave me 3 things:

  • Time – to consider what we want in our future.
  • Inspiration – to learn new skills and start fresh.
  • Desperation – to create new and multiple income streams.

So this was when I watched these same FREE webinars and began my digital journey.

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My Digital Business Journey

Or Why A Work From Home Lifestyle Suits Me, and many others like me in similar situations.

I have been on this journey for less than a year but have already learnt so much. I continue to learn and things click every day.

So I thought I would share some of my journey that has taken me from lost, frustrated, and somewhat directionless to inspired, feeling more empowered, and hopeful:

  • I am a mother. I am also a 40-something woman with colourful past experiences and goals for the future.
  • I believe very much in spending time with my children and being a part of their young lives. I don’t want to regret being an absent mother one day.
  • I also believe in being a positive role model for my children, and being a provider. I know how much they are watching me, and modeling their lives to some extent on mine.
  • I also know that as a happy and fulfilled mother I am more able to provide a stable and supportive home environment.
  • The more I learn, the more I can teach my daughters – not only about digital skills but about perseverance and overcoming challenges, about being brave, trying, and facing personal blocks.
  • And I believe in opportunities in the global digital economy and that it is possible to make a living working online, from anywhere that has internet.

A digital business run from home in my own time, therefore makes sense.

  • No commuting at dawn and dusk from my seaside village to a city centre far away while my children sleep.
  • No hours dictated by others.
  • No spending my hours building anyone else’s business.
  • And doing it in a way that makes sense to me, based on my values, and centred around my interests.

I am not a trained professional with a service to sell. I am not a tech-savvy young business mind.

But I have interests and strengths and challenges, life experience, and my life story. And I am learning that there is great value in sharing my business and life journey with others.  I am learning that I am able to create a real business around this.

What I have Learnt So Far

Although a list is far from exhaustive, I have learned so much already. This particular community of educators and like-minded entrepeneurs puts a lot of emphasis on personal growth and the mindsets shifts required to make the entrepreneurial journey smoother.

I have been challenged and encouraged to take on new experiences and to choose an expansive way of life, for example:

  • I learnt about business models that exist that can work around my job.
    • I have started with Affiliate marketing (you sell other businesses products and get a commission – without having to do any fulfilment or delivery) so I am learning the skills required, and building my confidence, and brand, not having to develop my own products yet.
    • Another option is to sell physical products with an E-commerce business (you do not have to have your own products but can source products and then use a system like Amazon FBA to do the packaging, distributing, and customer service.)
  • I have started a global business from my bedroom. I appreciate being in touch with a global community and making connections with people all over the world, or of different ages, and with different motivations and ideas. It is like being in a big melting pot of a city like London again – where I spent a big portion of my youth.
  • Spending time outside of my comfort zone shooting 90 days of myself on video.
  • Being brave enough and greatly supported in a safe environment to share my story, my challenges, and my wins.
  • Being transparent and human and authentic and real – which is so important online. And offline. It feels like I can be me, and breathe again!
  • Helping others once I have mastered a skill, or gone through a similar challenge.
  • Much of the coaching is based on 4 quadrants – Self, Health, Wealth, and Social. These have now become the cornerstones of how I see my life, and how I plan for my future. They have aided my self-knowledge and helped identify my strengths, and areas needing my attention.
  • I am learning to work on improving my content – better emails, better blog writing.
  • I am setting myself challenges and learning every day about social media. I knew very little about any of these platforms before I joined up with the SFM global digital community in March 2020.
    • Instagram – I am designing my Feed better, working on my Stories, and very recently have dived into Reels. Guides are next!
    • Facebook – I have started to join some groups recently
    • Pinterest – I am currently collecting posts. Soon I will start creating posts
    • YouTube channel – currently all my videos from the 90-day video challenge, are private. I have 1 public video. More coming soon!
    • Twitter – I don’t spend much time here but do receive inspirational tweets throughout the day
    • Canva – I am spending my downtime creating posts and building my brand here.
  • Advertising and Tracking – for me this is the more technical part of working online. I still have lots to learn here but I am still moving forward and running my business without all the knowledge.
  • I have taken part in 2 very worthwhile challenges –
    • 90-day video challenge – shooting 90 days of video, of me, talking. This involved a lot of personal growth for me, but I look back very fondly at this time.
    • Best Life Challenge – 21 steps to living my best life which I have just completed.
  • Feeling inspired again and reconnecting with myself, and my interests, and reacquainting myself with my identity has been empowering and is far-reaching in its positive effects.
  • My relationships with my husband and children have improved.
    • I am an inspired and more excited person who eagerly passes the lessons she is learning on as parenting wisdom!
    • I am a mom who now meditates regularly, and journals and visualises, which are all self-love actions, which give a busy mom some breathing space. Which results in a calmer parent who has more capacity to love.
    • As I rekindle my identity and personal interests, I am feeling better about myself, and taking better care of myself. Which I’m betting means I am a nicer partner to be sharing a space with.

Who knew that investment in oneself is the real-life game-changer!?

My Journey Could Be Your Journey

If you can relate to anything that I was, and am becoming – I urge you to take a look at the FREE training videos.

Have a look at this NEW offer too.  It is a way for you to jump right in and start creating your own inspired digital life if you are already convinced. 

“absolutely everything you would ever need to start and grow your new online business from scratch. This is total access to all of the tools, training, courses, and support you’ll ever need—plus daily interactive online live events with our leadership team and community —to help you shift your life, and reach your true potential.”

from the SFM website

I am feeling more alive than I have in a while. I have a small corner of the world where I get to be me, and to share messages about hope and life choices.  I get to share this with anyone who is interested in a way of living in which I truly believe.  It is possible to create a simple life and a beautiful meaningful one.

I have talked to many others and celebrated the successes of those further ahead on the digital business journey. I see that making the move to an online business is not only possible but desirable for so many.

And I am looking forward to the day when I can encourage others with my own success to take the chance and act. I am looking forward to seeing others become independent but supported business owners.

Because I believe it is all worth it.  

So if you have 

  • Some time
  • A feeling that there is more even if you’re not sure what it is
  • An idea that some direction and support would help you…

… have a look at these FREE webinars.  

And decide for yourself if you would like to live a life of your choosing and creation.

Join me in creating simple beautiful lifestyles.

Thanks for reading!