To journey and to be still

Inspired by a visiting traveller friend of mine, today I counted the number of countries I have visited.

I have been to 57 countries. And passed through the airports, for a day or night, of 3 more. So that is almost 60 different countries of which I have seen some.

I don’t usually do this sort of thing. I am intentionally non-competitive. Except with myself. I am a goal-setter and list-maker. So I wonder why I don’t have a bucket list. Yet.

How fortunate I am that I have been able to see so many different places. And how easy it would be for me to live in a caravan. In fact I dream of moving, always moving, of seeing new mountains and buildings and meeting new people and tasting new food. And in the future I am certain I will travel with my family again.

But in my present life where we live in a house and have structure and routine, I realise that perhaps the Minimalism, simple living consciousness comes more easily to me than some. I have travelled light. I have moved. And possessions have never held great sway over me. In the past I have let go of almost all my books, clothes and household items to go travelling. So for now I will dwell in the present and dream of travel and be at peace.

Be still my flighty, nomadic heart.