UFM 29: You are destined for more than buying stuff

Today is Day 29 of the month-long Uber Frugal Month course which I am doing for the second time. Its really is an inspirational course created by Liz at Frugalwoods. 

Her philosophy is as follows: “managing your money wisely enables you to pursue unusual aspirations and opens up a world of options for how to live your life.”

Liz is very good with words, and possibly even better at living frugally. She and her husband, Mr Frugalwoods have manifested their dream life of living on a homestead together through their daily, inspirational, creative practise of extreme frugality.  All of which Liz shares openly and honestly on her blog. 

In her words: “Through the application of frugality–coupled with good incomes and judicious financial management–my husband and I have created a life that we love living every single day. It’s not a life beholden to consumerism or the drive for material perfection or the incessant clarion call for more.”

And doesn’t this strike at the very heart of Minimalist living? 

Every day of the course is set out with a statement, a reading, a mantra and a task. From today’s course email, Day 29:  

“You were not put on this earth to buy stuff. Shopping does not constitute a hobby or a skill, our material possessions do not define who we are, and we are all capable of focusing our energies on productive, meaningful outlets. We can all create instead of consume.

I don’t know what your life goals are, but I’m willing to bet you want more out of life than simply slogging through it as a mindless consumer.

Plus, how often do we get frustrated with the things we own? We have to organize them, clean them, store them, care for them… we trap ourselves in an exhausting cycle of being owned by our stuff. We let material goods dictate how we use our time and energy… and then we buy more stuff!

Today’s mantra: The myth of consumerism is that buying lots of stuff means you’re exerting your free will, but in reality, you’re just turning your money over to someone else for purposes they’ve designated.

Today’s action: Write down five words that define you and what’s most important to you. Are any of those words related to your material possessions?”

Today’s recommended reading: The False Choices That Steal Our Future

A very valuable course, and it is free. Thank you Liz