What is your purpose? Find out here

What is your why?

Your why is “the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us,” as described by Simon Sinek in his book Find Your Why.

And “your why is the one constant that will guide you toward fulfillment in your work and life.”

Which sounds simple.

So here is a simple exercise to answer the big question:

What is my purpose?

The “7 Whys” simply helps you to clarify your why

I recently went through this exercise for my work, and for some other areas of my life.

In this post, I have included my answers to my work why below. Have a read of my example and then complete the exercise for yourself.

Here is my why


I want to create and develop my own successful brand.


Why do you want to create a brand?

I want to create something independent, of mine, that is beautiful and valuable.

I want it to give people a feeling of light. I want to share a way of living simple beautiful lives.

I want to guide people – with theory and practical tools – to live better and improve their quality of life.

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Why do you want to guide people to live simple beautiful lives? 

I believe that this is a good way to live. I believe it is a way of improving the quality of life.

I want to be a part of supporting someone to grow and to create a simple beautiful life of their own. A rich life of more ease, greater clarity and personal purpose.

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Why do you want to help people to evolve? 

I know how it feels to be quietly frustrated and to lack direction in doing any meaningful purposeful work.

I know the sense of longing to belong in a personal place in the world; to feel there is more to be done, but not know what that is, or how to set about doing it.

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Why do you want to help people to feel a sense of purpose?

It is a hard place to be, wanting more, but not knowing where to start.

I believe a sense of purpose leads to personal fulfilment, and with that comes increased mood, tolerance, empathy, generosity – all the good things.

I want to uplift people out of this place, let them hit refresh, show them a lightness and hope and a solution to getting started on their personal growth and life change journey.


Why do you want to share a lighter way to live? 

So people can feel better by improving their quality of life and in turn watch them spread the light around them out to others.

I believe in the ripple effect of feeling good and having the desire and capacity to do good.


Why do you want them to feel better? 

Because we only have one chance at creating a brilliant life, and when good life ripples out into family, friends and society, the world is made a little brighter.


Why should you make the world brighter?

When we decide to live a good quality life, we do so for ourselves, for others around us, and for those who come after us.

When we pass on, we want to leave behind a valuable, worthwhile shining legacy in our wake.

Once we are on our path, it becomes a responsibility to share our life experiences and learning and improve the lives of others, however we choose to do so.

So it seems like my why filters down to wanting my legacy to be that I helped to make the world a little lighter.

This is why I:

Making the world a little lighter is my motivation.

My Why allows me to keep my eye on the lofty ideals of the work I do. It brings inspiration to the time I spend sitting at my desk writing content for a Thursday instagram post.

My Why speaks to me personally and gives me a sense of purpose in all that I do and choose to do.

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So now find your own why

What is your purpose, cause or belief that drives you in all that you do? This is your why.

If you seek fulfilment in your work and life, be guided by this, your why

Take 5 minutes to do this, now. Take an hour. But do it.

This 7 Whys exercise is such a valuable way to see why we live as we do. Conversely it also clarifies our aspirations before we act.

If we know in advance where we are aiming, and why, our path becomes more simple, our decisions fall into line, our relationships take their place, and our work becomes closer to a calling.

In the light of the higher goal, the details, struggles and challenges lose some of their strength.

Take a little time to discover your fundamental why and watch your beautiful life blossom.

Please share any ideas or realisations that you come up with in the comments below.

And thanks for reading.

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