What’s the Hardest Part About Minimalism?

Have a read of this article titled 9 Minimalist Bloggers Answer the Question, “What’s the Hardest Part About Minimalism?” by Rachelle Crawford at Abundant Life with Less.

It is a collection of the answers of 9 of the most well known Minimalist bloggers to the question “What’s the Hardest Part About Minimalism?”

What struck me from having read through them is that for many the hardest part is having to keep it real, out of the theoretical realm, and to take into consideration others.

A Minimalism journey is very personal, but I have also had to keep in mind that even though I believe it is very worthwhile, I share a life and a home with 3 other people, who might have their own ideals. As a mother I can guide my girls, but I cannot force them to join my journey. As a partner, I can only discuss my journey and live an example of a decluttered life.

What I also noticed was how the journey for others, as with my own journey starts out as

  • material decluttering,
  • which then moves on to clarifying priorities and choosing a simple, rather than a busy life and mind,
  • which then moves towards emotional and spiritual work.

I would say that I am currently in the emotional and spiritual development phase of simple living. Without having planned it, I now meditate regularly and practise mindfulness as I go through the days.

I am on a path of learning new career skills, but also personal development, in the mindset work I am doing.

That said – decluttering is an ongoing practise for me.

Living according to my priorities is an ongoing habit building exercise for me. I know the health and wellbeing of my family come first. Providing for them is high up on the list too.

This is why I have moved this website over from a personal blog to a business. I have started a digital business and am learning all the skills involved.

If you are interested in learning digital skills as well as a great deal of personal development, here are some videos for you which include some free training.