Why have I decided to pursue a Minimalist life? Revisited

A bit over a year ago – in July 2018 – I wrote a post about my reasons for pursuing a Minimalist life. I thought it would be interesting to revisit this and see what has changed:

My first ideas about stepping onto a Minimalist path, a few years back, were fairly esoteric. I aspired to a good-looking clean home, a simple lifestyle, and happy times.  And I still do. But my understanding and practise of simple living has deepened.

I now usually find myself skipping over articles about decluttering – as I am fairly well-informed in this regard. It is an ongoing process but generally – most of our surfaces are clear. I tidy a fair bit. I recycle quite a lot. And I discard perhaps too many creations by my girls – abandoned projects, pictures and school crafts.

I have moved into other areas linked to a more Minimalist life – such as love, self-care, rest, free time, not comparing my life to others, giving, living well, caring for the planet, being a better role model, and self-knowledge and self-development. Including having a solid understanding of my priorities.

So in order of priority:


Why pursue Minimalism? To be more present with the girls. To model for them a simple beautiful life based on prioritising good stuff that matters.

My understanding of the Minimalist ideal is to clear the physical and schedule clutter to make room for priorities, ie. my 2 girls.

  • I still battle to leave the mess in weekends and be present with my girls. I still struggle with the juggle of working from home and being present with my girls.
  • I still consciously choose to say no to some requests to fill up our time.
  • I still believe spending time at home, as family is important.
  • I am still learning.

But I do believe I am parenting more consciously than before.

I am still intensely aware of the speed at which time passes and that so soon they will draw away from me. So this Minimalism path is still a gift I cherish.


Why pursue Minimalism? To create a good – better – best life with that other human who signed up to do it with me.

My hope is still that the Minimalist way will help me on the path of returning to love.

Through letting go of self-created busyness and practising letting go of expectations, I am gaining self-knowledge, self-awareness and striving to be the best I can be.

A work in progress.


Why pursue Minimalism? To live well, to stay healthy, to keep it simple, to consider all life.

I have settled on the Mediterranean diet – for health, for ease, for budget, and for sunshine memories! More fresh veg and fruit, less meat, more fish, fresh, high quality, and olives, lemons and olive oil!


Why pursue Minimalism? To simplify distractions so I can discover what I love and what matters and what makes a difference. And then do it.

Talking of distractions – I have even minimised the number of tabs I have open while I work – to stay focused on one thing at a time. And to support me to stay calm and not get overexcited at being interested in too many things at once!

I have done so many courses recently trying to stab away at an online career. Social media, digital courses, a creativity course, blogging tips, podcasting. At some stage soon I need to launch into action. But quite what?

I have done much healing work too – mostly to find out who I am and what my work should be. Family constellation, energy healing, Chiro, kinesiology, Breathwork, meditation and stream of consciousness writing. And now I want to learn watercolour.

Maybe my simple life has given me the time to prioritise all this work.


Why pursue Minimalism? To spend less, to save more and to invest. To spend on things that matter to me.

Minimalism is linked to better finances because wanting less and needing less lead to more considered spending habits.

Through my reading I have come across various financial gurus so I am better versed with money talk now.

I choose to save and spend on travel – to visit family and friends who live far away. To show my girls more of the world.

Budget – I have more knowledge about my spending habits. Still a work in progress to get on top of my finances, but I am starting.

Saving – I have started to save.

Investing – I have signed up with an online investing company. This month I will make my first investment.


Why pursue Minimalism? To clarify what I prioritise in my life. It’s clear nature is a priority for me.

Last time I included a lengthy section about my love for the mountains and my need to head out into them. As I have recently been to the mountains, for 2 holidays (talk about priorities) – I am satiated, for now.

In summary – I am moving along the Minimalism trajectory – probably somewhere between a basic to intermediate Minimalist!