Why I Am Creating A Life Of Simplicity & How You Can Too

Why do I want to create a life based around simplicity, and why might others want to too? In order to improve our quality of life.

Why Do I Want A Simple Beautiful Life?

To have a deep and fulfilling life.

To create space.

To add something good and useful to a full world.

To be a part of my family’s lives. 

To live with thought and to decide how I want to show up.

To be an active creator of my life, and not simply respond to constant unexpected external stimuli.

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Why Would You Want A Simple Beautiful Life?

Perhaps for similar reasons. Perhaps because life has thrown a few curveballs and you want to take stock. Perhaps it is time to hit refresh. Perhaps you have a nagging feeling of wanting more. Perhaps you are looking for the point of it all. Maybe you are tired of living surrounded by accumulated meaningless things.

Do you feel that you want to simplify your days, your work, your schedule, your habits?

Do you want to improve the quality of your life?

How Do I Create A Simple Beautiful Life?

It is my belief that simplifying life leads to a better quality of life.

My journey to living simply started with my discovery of Minimalist thinking, with its focus less on material things and more on self-knowledge and personal meaning in life.

  • I aim to live more mindfully – in the decisions.
  • I have discovered that many of the ideas from the Stoic philosophy help me to face and deal with everyday challenges and bigger life trials.
  • By taking action – consistent small steps – to improve how I live:
    • decluttering,
    • meditating,
    • prioritising essentials,
    • ongoing learning, and
    • resting. 
  • By looking after my health:
    • with good simple nutrition, and
    • regular exercise outdoors
  • By doing work that lights me up, inspires me and that makes a positive difference to someone.
  • And by not taking things too seriously! Laughter is a tonic for a life of holistic wellness.
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How Could You Create A Simple Beautiful Life?

By finding a philosophy that works for you. Or a religion.

By taking consistent action in the 4 quadrants of your life:

  • Health – looking after yours through diet and movement, and rest.
  • Wealth – doing work that you enjoy, and that provides an income you need.
  • Self – taking care of yourself, your mental wellbeing and your spiritual journey, perhaps included here is decluttering, meditating, prioritising essentials, and getting inspired by ongoing learning.
  • Social – having fun, spending time with those people who you like and love

The trick is committing to taking consistent small steps every day to improve your quality of life.

Finding a supportive community to help you through the tougher times makes the changes happen with more ease.

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Are You Looking For Guidance?

Philosophical Framework


I am so pleased that I came across minimalism all those years ago. The thinking behind it has inspired the way I choose to live my life.

If anyone is interested to learn more about minimalism and simplicity, have a look at 


Have a read of the Daily Stoic if you would like to learn more about Stoicism. 


I share quotes and thoughts and my personal experience starting a business on the asimplebeautifulfullifesa Instagram page. Please go and follow us for daily inspiration about simple living, business and plenty of ocean pics.

  1. Health

We follow a loosely Mediterranean diet, but I leave the food writing to the real foodies out there. Our meals however are simple and mostly healthy.

I mention our daily evening walks and my running career which only started a couple of years ago. Again I leave the exercise writing to the real fitness people.

2. Self

A lot of the habit change challenges and behaviour I write about is to do with personal growth. By taking action in the form of consistent small steps I aim to improve my quality of life.

Decluttering is to the home what meditation is to the mind. I do both.

Learning, striving and resting are. a package deal and although hard work is part of my life, I am conscious of the importance of rest.

3. Social

Friends, family, colleagues. Never has a year reminded us so much of the importance of real connections to loved ones as this 2020.

Hugs, travel, lockdowns, restrictions, masks. All our close habits have been limited this year. So we have connected online and at a distance. As humans we will always seek to connect.

4. Career (Wealth)

As COVID-related lockdown closed our business earlier this year, I joined a wonderful online community to learn the digital skills required to start a new lifestyle business which I wrote about here.

I discovered a vibrant and supportive community – accountability groups, mentors, excellent digital education, and lots of inhouse tools and clear instructions to facilitate building a business.

Besides learning real digital skills, the personal growth I am experiencing is profound.

If you are wanting to hit refresh in your work or life, or need some clarity in your direction, or if you are interested to learn more about the digital business training I did, start by watching these free training videos, the same ones I watched to get started.

They might just set you off on a path of growth, expansion, and clarify in your life purpose, like they did for me.

In Conclusion

That is why I choose to create a life based around simplicity, and that is why you might like to too.

To improve our quality of life.

To sort out our priorities and then be better able to

  • care for ourselves mentally and physically,
  • connect with those we love, and
  • do work that inspires us.

To lead rich, fulfilling, meaningful lives where our aspirations and personal triumphs trump material possessions and jam-packed schedules every time.

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Afterthought – all photos are mine snapped this morning after school drop off and before I sat down to work. A benefit of working at home with a digital business is that I work when it suits me. I am writing this at 10pm while my children are in bed, but I was able to spend most of the afternoon with them.

Thank you for reading.