Women’s Work

I have mentioned before Kate Northrup and her discussion of women’s cycles as related to work.

I recently did a business course with a friend Gwyneth @SocialSister who sent through this article again about syncing work with our menstrual cycles.


On the recommendation of Gwyneth I downloaded the Clue app and am in the process of filling in my data as the days pass.

In time, once I have inputted some data about my cycle, emotions, energy levels etc – I should be provided with some clues as to what kind of work I should be doing, and at what stage during the month.

It is my hope that in learning more about my cycle and when I am energised and when I need to rest, life will become a little simple and less forced.

Work-wise I hope to spend less time achieving the same ends. I will know when to dream and create and when to slog and push myself more.

Relationship-wise I hope that my new knowledge will bring a level of understanding even compassion about my emotional state. I might learn to tread more carefully at times rather than blundering ahead. Or not.

It’s a whole new way of operating. And I am grateful and excited.