Create a lighter life, simply

By prioritising simplicity, knowing yourself & sharing stories.

Life can be lighter.

Through choosing simplicity.

And by prioritising yourself – finding your voice and knowing your story.

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    I am guessing you invest a lot of your time and energy in looking after others.

    But do you invest in yourself too?

    What do you want? What is important to you? What would make you feel fulfilled?

    I am a busy lass too. I am a wife to one, a mother of two, run a home, and work…

    But I came back to myself

    – first via Minimalism, and then by starting good simple habits that improved my life, simply.

    I now know the importance of living according to my priorities, and discovered that one of my priorities, is me!

    I believe in the power of simplicity to improve the quality of our lives.

    I also believe that you deserve to create a great quality of life of your own.

    And a part of that is focusing on you too, and listening to your own story.

    I believe intentional simplicity,

    self-focus, and sharing our stories

    can make life better.

    I believe we can all choose to create our own simple and beautiful lives, using practical tools and some supporting philosophy.

    I believe in quality of life and that we play a directing role in creating this for ourselves.

    I believe in increasing our self-knowledge and ongoing personal growth.

    I believe in the importance of stories.

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