My name is Genevieve and I believe in living an intentionally simple and beautiful life.


By designing a life by taking small daily actions –

decluttering, meditation, prioritisation, learning, and resting –

supported by a philosophical framework – mainly Minimalism.

And by not taking things too seriously!


I believe in intentional simplicity in all things – possessions, decision-making, relationships, schedules, and style. To lighten the load of living, and make it count.

I believe in striving for quality in all things. Because the world is full and I want to add something good and useful to it.

And I believe in prioritising that which is most important to me – my family, good health. Because I want to be around as we all grow older, together.


I live with my husband, 2 daughters, and 2 pups at the end of Africa in a cottage on a beach buffeted by the wild Atlantic Ocean.


I run a business in my own time and around my real passions. I want to show others how to create a simple beautiful lifestyle.

Part of my business is sharing how I started to create my digital lifestyle. What I love is that my business allows me to:

  • share what I learn – about simplicity, nature, independence, business, life
  • work from home but connect to the world (be global)
  • manage my days and be available for my daughters (my time)
  • create work around my interests – of simple beautiful living (passion)
  • rekindle my identity through ongoing learning and growing (who am I)
  • be an independent business owner for my girls to see (role model)
  • help support our family while looking after myself too (responsibility)

So if you are wanting to start fresh and learn about yourself and business and think about how to create a good life, send me an email at gen@asimplebeautifullife.co.za and I will be able to get you started.

In time I will offer simple courses and support groups to lead you to create your own simple beautiful life, but I share quotes and tips on social all the time.

Thanks for visiting.