Hi, I’m Genevieve

I believe in simplicity and that you deserve to create a beautiful, fulfilling life.

Thank you for stopping by. Here’s a bit about me so that you can get to know me a bit better:

What do I stand for?

I believe we can all play a role in creating our own simple and beautiful lives.

  • Keep it all simple
  • Know yourself and Be yourself
  • Get outdoors and breathe
  • (And Be Kind)

Who am I?

I am a woman and mother whose identity got diluted. Through investing in myself, I rediscovered myself, my interests and strengths. I regained clarity and direction and hope, and I now support others to do the same.

When I had small children, we moved country, started a small business, and experienced a few tough patches. Somewhere along the way I lost part of my identity.

When we were hit with 2020 lockdown, one of our small businesses closed, temporarily, and I was faced with time at home, school at home, the opportunity to take stock of my life, and face my mediocrity.

I made a decision. I decided that the time was now:

  • the time to start fresh
  • to take action to create a life I wanted

I prioritised that which was important to me and I returned to essentials.

  • I wanted simplicity in my lifestyle
  • I wanted to spend time with my family
  • I wanted meaning in my work

Simplicity in my Lifestyle

By following Minimalist thinking and taking small consistent daily steps to make changes in my life, my life has begun to change.

Meaning in my Work and Time Flexibility

I needed some independence. I wanted to create something of my own, that mattered. I wanted to do it in my own time around raising my children.

I came across the world of digital education and online business.

So I started my own business, built this website, learned how to improve my social media game, and began to remember who I was.

I am learning digital skills every day, and I talk about my personal and business journey on my blog.

What do I do?

I share my journey and show people like you how to create your simple beautiful lifestyle.

I support people like you to regain clarity, find a direction, work within a supportive community, and live with a renewed sense of hope.

I promote simplicity and want to support you to get interested in life again!

So if you are wanting to:

  • start fresh
  • get some clarity about your future
  • have a direction in which to head
  • learn about yourself
  • learn about the opportunities available for working online
  • learn new skills
  • be independent
  • create a good life

Please get in touch and I will be able to help get you started the same way I did.

Thanks for visiting.