Our summer sunshine Christmas

  • Post published:20th December 2020

the long-suffering onethe other long-suffering one I love Christmas. There is something about the hope that the season brings speaks straight to my romantic heart. Here in Cape Town we have a sunny Southern Hemisphere Christmas, complete with beaches, salads & cooling cucumber-laced spritzers. It is…

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Juggling work and family

  • Post published:12th September 2020

I've often wondered if there is an optimal way of juggling work and family. I have come to think there is. And that is through simplicity. As all our situations are unique, the best way to juggle is going to be personal. In my experience, however,…

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This is me

  • Post published:22nd October 2019

I live with my husband and 2 girls in a small village on the shores of the wild cold Atlantic Ocean. This is my rescue pup Holly. We have another rescue called Timba. I am in my 40's and have lived about 2/3 of my life…

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